About Us

Damas Company Srl (Ltd) is one of the leading provider of procurement and interior design/Project Management services in the residential, commercial, hospitality sector and business corporate sector.


The headquarter of the company is based in the centre-north Italy, strategically located at the middle of the area where there is a strong tradition and specialization in these fields. The "Made in Italy" label is a guarantee of the elegance, high quality, appropriate choice of materials.In particular, Italian design quality, associated with an old and successful tradition, makes Italy a leader in FF&E and OS&E sector. Actually, the country where we operate is currently the world's largest exporter and second largest producer of this kind of products.


As a procurement company we are able to provide added value purchaising services for a vast range of products which includes furniture, doors, sanitary equipment, fixtures,equipment and accessories such as lighting, home decor fabrics and curtains.

Thanks to our long term relationships with the main Italian and West European manufacturers and thanks to our geographical position which allows us to be in a close contact with them, we are able to offer very competitive prices and an accurate service of care for all our Clients. A complete on-line monitoring system allows each Client to follow the status of any issued purchase orders.


In addition, thanks to our partnership with some selected and qualified freight forwarders, we are also able to fully manage and coordinate the delivery of goods from every manufacturer via our warehouse to every location indicated by the Client.


Our Interior Design and Project management team is composed of architects, engineers and interior designers graduated at the prestigious University of Florence with a wide international experience.


Our design group offers services in a modular mode.This allows us to meet any Client requirement: from a specific design aspect to a complete turnkey project, where we provide full on-site assistance and hands-on management.