FF&E and OS&E

Wide range of FF&E and OS&E articles from Italy and West Europe.Vendors selection,ordering process, cost-savings services.


We take care of every national and international freight transport. We stock goods in our warehouse and we manage a safe and ontime...

Interior Design and Project Mgmt

Damas Company Group provides a comprehensive Interior Design and Project Management...

Who We Are

Damas Company Srl (Ltd) is one of the leading provider of procurement and interior design/Project Management services in the residential, commercial, hospitality sector and business corporate sector.


The headquarter of the company is based in the centre-north Italy, strategically located at the middle of the area where there is a strong tradition and specialization in these fields. The "Made in Italy" label is a guarantee of the elegance, high quality, appropriate choice of materials.In particular, Italian design quality, associated with an old and successful tradition, makes Italy a leader in FF&E and OS&E sector. Actually, the country where we operate is currently the world's largest exporter and second largest producer of this kind of products. As a procurement company we are able to provide added value purchaising services for a vast range of products which includes furniture, doors, sanitary equipment,fixtures,equipment and accessories such as lighting, home decor fabrics and curtains.


Our video Presentation

A "fly" over our company, with a video which shows who we are and what we do: our activities, products, services, mission, values and vision.